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New Mums Nutrition is a podcast by Lana Hirth and Tara Sing. Lana Hirth is an Interpartum Dietitian. She helps new mums optimise their nutrition through the unique challenges from birth to next pregnancy so that they can live life to the full. Tara Sing is a Journalist who asks the hard questions to not only what we should do, but how to do it. And they’re sisters too!

Ep 012: Postpartum emotional eating – how to overcome it (with Lyndi Cohen) New Mums Nutrition

Do you reach for ice-cream when you're feeling sad an overwhelmed? And have you ever wondered how those unicorns manage to have a bit of chocolate (and not devour the whole block)?! Dietitian and Nutritionist, Lyndi Cohen talks us through her experience of emotional eating, dieting and life as a new mum. This episode is for you if you've ever struggled with emotional eating and wondered what to do next. You can learn more about Lyndi Cohen (and her app Back to Basics) on her website and her Instagram @nude_nutritionist Want more? Grab your FREE New Mums Nutrition Checklist. Join our Facebook community New Mums NutritionRemember to subscribe (so you never miss an episode), leave a review, and share with another mumma! Brought to you by Lana Hirth Dietitian. All information is general in nature and does not replace individualised medical advice. Find out more about seeing a postnatal dietitian and Lana Hirth's services: http://www.lanahirth.com
  1. Ep 012: Postpartum emotional eating – how to overcome it (with Lyndi Cohen)
  2. Ep. 011 BONUS: Our birth stories (and birth songs)
  3. Ep. 010: Returning to exercise after a baby (with AEP Courenay Polock)
  4. Ep. 009: 5 Postnatal supplements to consider
  5. Ep 008: Pelvic floor and constipation (with physio Kath Baquie)

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