Book your consultation with Lana, expert interpartum and women’s health dietitian.

Virtual Individual
Nutrition Assessment

This includes a comprehensive dietary assessment, review of your medical conditions and medications, review of blood test results, reports to your medical professionals and your individually tailored program plan.

Subsequent Virtual Nutrition Consults

These are individually tailored subsequent consultations to educate and empower you to make lasting improvements to your nutrition.


Engaging quarterly webinars help you digest the latest in postpartum nutrition, habit change and the most up-to-date nutrition research.

Lana is a passionate educator who makes you instantly comfortable talking about your food, diet and weight. Not once did I ever feel judged or put on the spot. She’s extremely knowledgeable and patient in her teaching approach. Highly recommend!

— Webinar Attendee

Improving my health feels achievable

— Webinar Attendee